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#265881 - May took over holding Sarah's shoulders as Nanny slid the scrap of silk from between Sarahs legs and placed her head between Sarah's thighs easing them apart so she might kiss the delights within, Sarah shivered and then to her shame she felt the same tingles such as Lord Alton's breath upon her cheek had engendered, why had he spurned her for another, her mind reeled it should be he not this woman. What? Strip, No Sarah felt strong hands at her shoulders, Shall I proceed Madam, asked Nanny Yes lets get her undressed, No I forbid you, wailed Sarah but as Nanny held her shoulders, May unbuttoned and unhooked and undid knots until Sarah was completely naked, but for her silk knickers the last garment and their evident wetness sent a thrill through Nanny's being. Yours awaits yonder my Lord, partake as you will she will not deny you.

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