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#14961 - A loud slap rang out as his hand landed on her firm ass cheek hush. I was still playing with my new toy my body jerking my tight little pussy pulsing and dripping wet, being brave i turned it to full speed and nearly let out a scream my pussy clenched around the spinning dildo I was on the verge of an orgasam and to my disappointment Daddy slumped and let her hair go, she removed the panties from her mouth and turned to him she ran a finger across her ass cheek gathering some cum she put it to her mouth and sucked it off. Daddy and this slut were really going at it now she was screaming but it sounded a bit muffled I guess daddy didn't care I heard him pounding her over and over I looked down again daddy had her on her hands and knees and had a pair of red silk panties stuffed in her mouth his hand wrapped in her hair his hips slamming in and out of her.

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Love the multiple ruined cumshots
Wriggle nightbug
Nice she is awesome wo armpit show one can view sweet sweat in her pits love it sooooo much
Holy as in angelic like her