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#2923 - When Akane finally did go back down she found Ranma and the rest of her classmates in the cafeteria salivating at the site of two beautiful fully cooked spit roasters an oven roasted sow and a large pot of girl-soup everyone fought over who would get what parts of each girl while Akane sat down next to Ranma who already had his prepared for him fully cooked Kamiko-Sow fillet a reward for doing a good job on spitting her. I’ve never spitted a girl before Akane added trembling even more now, Yes Akane you said you wanted to help me with the demonstration, I cant spit two sow's at the same time, can I? he said as he looked at Akane and saw she was shaking, I-I-I cant do it Akane said dropping the spit to the ground and ran from the room, Ranma wanted to follow after her to see if she was alright but his interest in watching his two former classmates get the spit was to strong for him so he remained in his seat as the teacher choose another student to take Akane's place

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I love this makes me extreamly horny want to see more and more
Winry rockbell
Full hentai please i will pay