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#589 - I was only 12 years old and my parents still thought i needed a babysitter, I had no brothers or sisters (what a shame), only my cousins that lived right next to us and every day that my parents had to leave they would always show up. At school, i was wearing my all time favorite mini skirt, some nylons, my pink thong panties (i love those) and i was wearing a white blouse and under was wearing a black push up bra, my makeup i did and was wearing a wig of course and all the accessories, i was even wearing tampons! and at night i would slip into my pj's and go to sleep, but little did i know this night was gonna be wild. I had just enough time to put on the panties, half the bra on, and some makeup when they bolted out of their bed, when they saw me their immediate reaction was to kick me out.

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