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#58063 - The guys took turns fucking us again, filling us with more cum, they all seemed to be hornier than ever today, after watching Jerry fuck us both, it was evening before they all left I spent some relaxing time with Pauline, then got the toys out and began to fuck her once more, with her using the poppers, I got the two big toys in her arse and one in her pussy, causing her to orgasm constantly. I was close to filling Pauline's mouth with my cum, but held off, Jerry was going well, his second cum taking longer, then after some 10 minutes or so, he began to jerk and growl, I could feel his cock grow more, and his knot got bigger again, then the cum flowed, gallons of it, hot and sticky, flooding my bowels, my orgasm rolled from one to another. By now Jerry was just about fully in her, his big cock was ramming her body hard, as her orgasm now began, his knot was just shy of going in, so I got the poppers and gave her a good couple of sniff, that did it, within a couple of strokes

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