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#412594 - I met this most incredible young woman back in 1962 after making a wrong turn into what I thought was a friends driveway! Please read the Virgin posted with my other stories on this site as it is also true and how we met! Here is some history about us if you have not read some of my wife's fantasy's and some of the things I have actually done to and with this incredible woman I am married to. Am I normal is a fairly accurate account of what I have done to and with her all over the years and is pretty much in her own words! The Benson was just another thing I did to keep her on her toes and make her think she was still an attractive woman. We are an old couple now and do not do all of the wild and crazy things we use to! I still want to but she not so much anymore! Part is do to health problems and has gained some weight and this has not helped! But I cannot complain, If I never get another blow job or hot piece of bound ass I will still be so far ahead of most men that

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