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#269278 - I ask him what he thinks about Molly and he says that he really likes her I ask him if he fucked her and says no! I ask him why although I know he tells me that he can’t get it up for a woman. I place my hands on her ass and I push my fingers into her pussy she is wet so I take my dick out and slam into her she is tight and I slow down to let her get use to me I began moving slower and I reached and turned the plug on and I heard my boy moan as I slap the girl on the ass I tell her that she better not cum until I tell her to she begins moaning and pushing back on me and I know that she is close I reach under and pinch her clit and tell her to cum and she does I tell Michael that he better cum before I do or he will have to hold it until we get home and he moans. Also, we have been watching you for almost 6 months Jill was pissed that she was taken and thought that because she was pretty she thought that she could use it to get ahead and you don’t act or think that way you only wa

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