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#382308 - I called the next girl up and she came quickly I spanked each one of them and without any more problems. T sits down and I ask her how did she learn to suck dick and she said that her mother’s boyfriend taught her when she was younger I ask her how old are you although I know that she is 16 so I ask her when did he first fuck her and she said a few years ago I ask her to sit back and open her legs she has a nice fat pussy I ask if she has ever been with a girl and she says yes Master I told her she maybe trained to be a in-house sub and she ask what’s that and I tell her someone who helps train the girls and maybe working at the house T tells her that she would be paid and she would have her own room but first she has to be trained to like the kiss of the whip. When I am all the way in I let her get used to my size and I pull out and thrust back in hard and fast I tell her to hold on to the desk and I begin fucking her hard and fast I reach up and pinch her nipple I feel the walls

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Yoshiyuki terada
Yeah on the modelhub page it links to you can see her unblurred face in the preview clip shes hot