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#213762 - As their sucking became more urgent, Anna sensed that her two toys were getting close to another cum! She really loved feminine women, they were so fucking compliant, and they just loved being told what to do! Every night for example, Gwen would breast feed on Anna's chest, it was now an automatic thing for her to climb into bed and put a nipple into her mouth! It had gotten to the point that Anna doubted that Gwen could go to sleep without the reassuring presence of a nipple in her mouth, but back to the task at hand, however, now it was time to get these two off again and then cum herself. Lay her down and suck her, orderd Anna, so with here dress still on, Gwen lay down on the couch with her legs wide open. Anna grabbed the panties by the crotch and gave a hard pull, as the sound of tearing fabric filled the room when Krista's panties were torn from her drooling cunt! Now Krista's ass was sticking up in the air, an open invitation to the bull dyke, Anna, so aft

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