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#331383 - “Oh God NO !” I blurted out – I looked at Sue for confirmation, she was just grinning - and then back to C – “We love doing it for you – the last few months have been so horny – we just love it !!” Sue’s hand was now onto my cock – deliberately and obviously and slowly wanking me inside my trousers. She didn’t say anything but nodded her head – and then seemed to have a mini orgasm at the mere thought of what she’d done. She yanked at these frantically and as the catches burst open she tore her knickers down by grabbing at the crotch – and she then thrust three fingers deep into herself all in one go – squeaking and gasping as she did it – and repeating “Oh God Oh God Oh God” with each squelching stroke of her hand as it half disappeared and re- emerged dripping and glistening between her legs faster and faster and completely out of control.

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Takeshi gouda
Please do
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Kazunari takao
Sound like fucking dearth vader