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#311154 - I moved my hand to her clit and started to rub it, fast and hard, she started to moan softly in her sleep and rolled over, I quickly moved out of the way then moved back, positioning myself between her legs I raised them up on to my shoulders, I pushed my cock up against her clit then ran it down her pussy lips, she was so wet and I soon pushed the head of my cock into her pussy, making her moan again, but she still did not awake. He suddenly thrust his cock deep into my ass making me scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure. inside me, I was moaning and I heard grunting and heavy breathing, my eyes quickly adjusted and I could now see a man leaning over me, panting and groaning, his face just above my tits, as he thrust his huge, hard cock deep inside me, I moaned louder and he looked at my face and saw I was awake, I quickly pulled him closer, not wanting him to pull out.

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