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#397554 - We were about a half an hour boat ride from shore and the waves were crushing one after the other after the other as they slammed into our boat and got bigger and bigger with each force. I don't know how much longer the storm lasted I fell asleep after an hour and woke up probably 3 hours later it was just starting to get dark I got up and looked out I couldn't see anything all i could was calm waters the shore was about a 1 hour swim a way, I couldn't bear to understand what had just happened terrible sight my parents could be dead I'm not even sure nothing to be seen for miles, I saw a small bag so I swam to get it and went back to the boat it was the clothes we had packed dads three-peat hat some t shirts dads lucky coin, I decided to zip it up and swim to shore, my hand was pretty busted up but I had no other choice, I swam hard for an hour an a half hard out, I got to the shore at about 6:30 I was worn out as I hit the shore, I started walking towards the

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Saya otonashi
Girl name plz
Yoshitake shiraishi
His hair makes him look like a fucktard
Good miniet guys hentai super
Monica kruszewski
I think its nice game
Yukana yame
Tattoos are ugly on you