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#280012 - I guided my bare cock inside her parting her legs as wide as they could go and ramming my cock deep and hard inside her I missed the feeling of my bare cock getting gripped by her warm wet inner walls of her pussy. As soon as we were in the toilets Amy had me pinned to the wall passionately making out with me while ripping each others clothes of like a band aid I pushed her to the toilet dipping my tounge inside her pussy while rolling a condom over my cock I parted her pussy lips with my cock and pushed her lying back on the toilet and guided my cock inside her and started bucking my hips back and forth inside her. A few months later Amy and I began talking again we never got to see eachother except for the times her friends would drive to my town and she would tag along and I got a kiss and makeout here and there out of it but that’s all it reduced to till the end of the year where she stayed at her brothers for a couple of days and she asked if I could meetup with her at our par

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