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#208010 - After swollowig a few loads I asked the guy if he wanted to share my oral loads of cum too, now each time I took a mouth full of cum, he would lie under me and let it drop into his mouth. Mike though didn't finish work until 9pm, so I would more often then not arrive at the club around 5 pm, when a fair few guys dropped in after work before going home, often by the time Mike arrived I had been fucked for 4 hours and had a nice wet ass for him to play in. As the night drew on, guy started to leave and head of home, Mike spent some time using his toys in me, he liked to do that, as he did cum kept spilling out, as always I sucked his cock to keep him happy, but soon the manager told us it was closing time, 1 am, so with a quick shower, Mike also pissed over me, some thing we often did for extra kink.

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