#169957 - Alan lay still his eyes glazed over, Grant said it looks like you’ve killed one, two more to go, and eased his cock from my ass, and helped me off Alan’s dead cock, then slipped under me and ate the cum running out of my used hole, this caused a bit of a gasp from the guys, but I told them most guys at the orgies do this as often there is so much cum, they kind of have too. By now though both had hard cocks, my mouth working between them soon had the desired effect, my pussy was filled by Alan’s cock, I let him open me up some before laying Luke down and slipping his cock in my pussy and telling Alan to fuck my ass, his eyes popped out” saying can you take all this”. Grant’s cock now began to spunk my inside, adding more cum to Alan’s load, and that was it, Luke could hold off no more, with trust after trust he sent his seeds so far up my ass that would never find their way out, as they emptied their balls into me both guys fell limp, looks like the first round goes to me.

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