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(ふたけっと8) [ぱいぱい☆ぷりん! (ぷーちぃ・ぷぅちぃ、 ぱぱ・ぱぱん)] P.P.P


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#130099 - Still a spinster at thirty eight, Monica didn't hold out much hope that she would ever marry, and while it wasn't that she was unattractive or dull, it was more that the few beaux that she did have just didn't quite work out. When she was about to have her own climax, Brenda pushed her back onto the floor and stuck two fingers into Monica's cunt and fingered her to a stunning orgasm. A rather buxom blonde with an earthy sense of humor, Monica had a hot sexual streak in her, that usually required a daily bit of masturbation to take off the edge as she liked to say, but with most of the eligible men enlisted to fight the war, it was almost impossible to get a date, let alone start a meaningful relationship.

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