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#181700 - In the kitchen sparky(thats what we called him) looked up pityfully at me, i leaned over and patted him, he seemed to enjoy that, i knelt down and rubbed his tummy, sparky rolled over to give me full view of his sheath, which i began stroking, his cock peeped out immediately,and was breathing heavily, mm i thought nice cock, i leaned down to his cock and had a little lick, oh i thought, i remember that taste, sweet but somewhat of an iron taste to it which is normal. I was about to get more into it, when i heard the wife call out to me, What you doing down there drinking the tap dry, there was punn there somewhere. I started to rub his balls in the hope of arousing him, but this had little or no effect, i got him to lay down, he did this as though hed done it before, (probably has) i stroked his lovely shiny coat until i slid my hand down to his sheath just as i had done with shane over 40 years previously, sparky responded in the same way as shane by getting a stiffy, sparky's

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