#336865 - Bob had approached Lynda and looked her in the eyes as he grabbed her and pulled her into himself extremely hard causing her intense pain in her back as Bob pinned her against himself her kissed her and she returned by embracing him in a passionate kiss that they hadn't shared in a long time. Bob raised his belt again high above his head just as he heard a loud yell What the hell is going on here Lynda screamed as Bob landed another extreme slap onto her bum . He lifted the belt high above his head and brought it down hard against her bum her soft pajamas and panties giving hardly any coverage from the intense pain she shrieked in a high pitch whine NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she cried uncontrollable as Bob continued to slam hard smack against her You will learn to behave and do as I say Tina he screamed at her in a uncontrollable fit.

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