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#186538 - As we got closer we decided to just wait behind the pack of people and with just 5 minutes left until they open the doors my nerves was killing me. While talking thoughts of seeing Ainsley on all fours dressed up in the puppy attire started to turn me on, damn it can’t I keep myself under control for once soon we were interrupted by the two front doors opening everyone went dead silent and looked at who was coming out. The guy then said suck fluffy at which point the camera zoomed in on her face I watched intently as she bobbed her head down the man’s shaft not using her hands she was able to get her lips all the way to the base then slowly going back again the whole time sitting like a doggie and keeping her puppy eyes focused on her masters face she bobbed her head down a few more times until she let the whole thing out it flicked up and hit his stomach but the puppy girl continued to lick it like a lollipop going down to the top of his ball sack then licking right up to the head o

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Who are the guys
Kei yuuki
Rindou kobayashi
Your face is so pretty please could you make a hentai like this but instead you only suck on his balls and use your hands to play with them