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#345647 - Steve hung up the phone and returned to the charcoal mess that use to be his tent, Dan says we don’t have a chance without Betsy, so we might as well go home he said looking in to the blue teary eye's of his daughter, it was at this moment he got an almost insane idea but time's being what they are changing fast he thought it just might work. With her head on the block the butcher raised the axe, Jessica could see the shadow of the axe in the grass and tried to scream as it came crashing down cutting her head clean off her body, blood began pouring from the gaping hole in her neck as the final death spasms took over and Jessica stopped twitching. Stay here and watch Betsy while I go fetch someone to help move her on over to the judging stand Steve said as he left there hut on the fair ground's.

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Shinichi handa
Need someone as i talk about my day
Byakuren hijiri
They should have played tekken instead
Kozue mukai
Nadine sage
Que suerte tiene ese oso