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#359409 - He took five or six more pictures out and this time, laid them all down in a long row so that I could see what was happening in all of them, my blush returned and I felt very hot and bothered as we both looked at them, he paying special attention to my body language as I devoured the action in them. He sat me down and licked two of his fingers and opening my slit pushed them into me and it was his turn to look puzzled as I took them both and my tunnel easily stretched as he wriggled them inside me made me gasp and squirm as sticky liquid that I was making covered them and made my insides feel even nicer. He took time to show me how to masturbate his swollen tube of flesh, making sure I used long strokes so that his foreskin was fully stretched back to make the bell end swell and turn deep purple as the taught skin shone.

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