#30609 - Then the beautiful drunk Aborigine girl 25yrs old really good looking for her race , I by now sometimes help out in the night club this night she passed out with too much drink we sat her on a seat at a table she leaned on the table and fell asleep closing time she was still there the boss wanted her out we were told she lived on the housing estate next to my place I said ill drop her off she managed to get in my car back seat I drove to her estate asked where she lived my answer was I’m not fucking well going home ,I sat there for a few minutes trying to find out where she lived she fell asleep again . I managed to walk with her clinging to me her legs tight round my waist ,I lay her on the settee, I was kneeling and pushing hard into her she seemed to be flexing her pussy round me as I was moving in and out of her she felt hot and wet ,my balls felt as if they were ready to explode we both came nearly together I thought I would never stop shooting into her as it had been awhile for m

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Fantastic scene thank s
Taiga fujimura
Super hot but desperately needs better camera recording quality
Ritsu tainaka
Thank you