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#383199 - I rolled her over , still breathing hard she asked , do you really love me ? I answered yes with all my heart , then fuck me Mike , fuck me now with that big beautiful cock of yours , I shoved the head of my cock in slowly so she could get used to the size of it , and she let out a moan of pure ecstasy , do it , do it Mike , fuck me , fuck me with all your might , that was all I needed to hear and began fucking her with every inch of man meat I have , in , out in out faster and faster I fucked her pussy relentlessly , she was moaning and screaming out in pain and in lust . My sister is on the shy side , don’t get me wrong when she gets with her friends they all have dirty minds and she is no different , it’s just doing it that is hard for her . Kary did get upset because I did that because she really thought she was in love with him .

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