#11564 - I couldn't stop from blurting out, Oh Kevin, please, I need you; I need you inside me. Kevin's caresses, the way he's pressed tight against me, his hands gripping my tight ass, and the way he's nibbling on my neck caused a yearning in my entire body, a yearning for his thick cock, a yearning to have it buried deep inside me, ohhhhhh, mmmmm, oh!! (What?? I'm the only one who didn't get fucked throughout this whole freaky escapade, I'm desperate!) His hands smoothly followed the rounded curve of my pert ass, and slipped effortlessly between my ass cheeks. Umm, May? So now are you going to tell me why you're not wearing a skirt?” Ohhh, this is going to be one hell of a story (did someone just laugh?) Hmmm, I wonder if Kevin is as easily distracted as I am? What am I talking about Kevin's hand is checking how far his wet cum is down my thigh, and we all know how that ends! ;) :D Three months later: So, ATM I'm out on bail, they're still trying to work out what to do wit

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