#127684 - Six, seven, rest, Shelly counted, That did absolutely nothing for me, she announced, Nothing! Jayne turned to look at Shelly, Watch your hair on her pussy juice, Shelly cautioned, She comes like a leaking drain pipe. Will you be at the Club later? she asked. Jayne's whole world revolved around Miss Cathcart's crotch, except after a moment or two it started to feel totally normal totally right and unconsciously Jayne's thoughts passed to her power point presentation for tomorrow, damn! Five minutes, she had it down to six but, Yes tongue, Miss Cathcart pleaded, It was the still photographs, Jayne realised, maybe she should just show them as a film strip instead of talking over them, she shifted her position slightly as Miss Cathcart relaxed further into her chair and neither of them heard Shelly approach until the door was open and Shelly was right there in the office.

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