#95110 - After a few minutes Alissa came over and asked if I meant what I had said to Cassie, in return I asked if Cassie were considering accepting my offer, “well it ain’t that simple” she said, you see me and Cassie do everything together, “ Oh I see, tell me more” she went on to offer that If I bought both of them toys of their choice I could indeed watch them “try them out” but I had to promise not to touch, “Ok” I said “tell me how much I need to spend” she turned and led me back to the dildo stand, as she did so I looked at her swaying ass and made up my mind no matter what they picked I was going for it, Cassie met us there and picked up her all purpose rabbit and Alissa picked up a gello dildo with about 8 inches of thick shaft above a large base which incorporated a vibrator it was finished off with a suction cup, “this is what I would choose” said Alissa, I looked at the price tag it was $60 making a total of $180 including my finger fantasies DVD, “OK” I said and we walked to the ch

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Negi springfield
Why would you end the hentai the second she cums absolute degenerate op