#176580 - The cop took a moment to study Ben's face to gage if he was truthful, Well sir you were running a seventy five in a fifty five zone, ill need to see your licence and registration the cop said holding out the left hand he no longer held to his gun, FUCK, if he sees my licence he's gonna know Ben thought, Jason could see his fathers thoughts and too realized what his father already knew, Steven and Jessica being younger had not a clue. With Jessica cooperating Steven released the end of the rope that bound her hands and moved over to the fire pit taking the spit into his hands, Can I do it Steven?, please? Brian asked, You don’t know how, I’ve been trained to spit her properly, we want her to stay alive as long as possible, If she dies to early everything is ruined Steven replied, “If you like what you see maybe we can do your sister next week” Steven added as he walked over to Jessica and placed the tip of the very sharp spit into her pussy causing her to jerk from

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