#400027 - Jeremy sat me in front of the dressing table and fitted a shoulder length ginger wig then did my makeup and to finish me off he told me to put on a pair of glasses without lenses and l have to admit l didn’t recognise myself, l tried on a few pairs of shoes but was unable to walk in them so for the time being Jeremy told me not to bother with shoes. When l got to the flat, Jake and another guy name Colin were there Jeremy introduced me as Danielle his sissy slave, Jake grabbed me for another snog causing Colin to point out l was a bit of a slut that needs training as l had let Jake kiss me without asking my master, Jeremy told me to go to the kitchen and sit with Colin’s sissy slave Stacy. Jake was sat in the chair opposite watching me work my mouth on my master’s cock and remarked how my sucking looked good, Jeremy assured him that his sissy slave was doing a good job, l could taste Jeremy’s pre-cum, he called me his beautiful sissy then told me my training was going to the next lev

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