#156729 - Daz knelt as she turned and draped the chain over her shoulder and he watched as she seductively wiggled her arse as she led him from the bedroom to the spare room on his knees with his hands behind his back. Mj stood back up and grabbing the handcuffs pulled Daz awkwardly back to his feet from behind, she spun him around and looked straight into his eyes tonight you are my slave and to show how sorry you are for always being late and showing a total lack of respect for me you will do exactly as I command otherwise I will take some photos of you in this pathetic position and email them to all your work mates, is that clear ? Daz thought about how he could charge her and knock her over but without knowing where the key was to the cuffs he knew this was not a good option and reluctantly nodded his head in agreement.

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