#108993 - I was walked to the car with a few guys helping me, they carried my clothes,making me walk naked, some trying to finger and suck my tits to stir guys watching us, one bent me over the bonnet and slid his cock in my ass, this caused a nice round of wistles and calls from a few guys nearby. I had been seeing John for a year or so now, he was married but we met most weeks at a Motel for a few hours of fun, he was gentle and very good in bed, knowing how to make me cum several times each time, we met, it was 7 pm as I walked to the motel door, As told I was wearing a very sexy mini skirt and a see tho top, with suspenders and no underwear, high heels and a jacket to hide my modesty while I walked to the room, John opened the door, and his smile told me I had got my gear right, With a kiss, he proceeded to put a eye mask on me, saying trust me it will be fun, leading me further into the room, I knew we were not alone as sighs and groans of people around me sounded out, John kissed

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