#278820 - “Oh I see like what?” she asked and thankfully Bart decided to ignore that one and get out of the seat we were sharing and moved into the one with Dirk so Shelly and I could share a seat. Also if anyone has any suggestions those are always taken into considerations even though these first two really didn’t cause no one commented yet. Well right now someone would have to get hit by a bus but the coach says that if I work on my pk’s and my overall jumping and running height and speed that I could make the cut no problem because I have endless ball skills is what she told me I’m just currently lacking in the physical department because I don’t enjoy running alone to condition” she rambled but not in the overly confident or snobby way more like the disappointed unsure if she could ever make those steps way.

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Anyone know who she is more
Noriaki kakyoin
We need more of this girl
Annie leonhart