#12055 - We started to date and almost immediately, the topic of sex began, to my amazement she had only one lover, her ex-husband. Giovanni, said he needed to go the bathroom, later I realized he wanted to put on a condom, he wanted to progress and seduce,fuck in a smooth manner, during this time I laid her down on a towel,and I had her lay on her stomach with a smaller pillow underneath her stomach, thus with her ass raised, she had shed her jacket, but her g-string still on, again what a sight, he returned to start the massage, he started with her legs, started w/ hot oil that I heated in the microwave, he had to get her comfortable and relaxed, again we are talking about a very shy and nervous lady, he gradually spread her legs apart massaging ever so slowly up her inner thighs, spreading her a bit more, noticed that her g-string was becoming oiled, a little wider, little upper, a bit under the g-string, I felt under her g-string she was like a faucet, just a mass of oily moisture, I

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