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#358405 - As we chatted some more I was sitting on my chair and she was sitting on my bed I motioned for her to come closer I needed to kiss her and taste her. I loved how tight she was and what a nasty mouth she had when being fucked she started to tel me what a slutty nigger she was and to fuck her she called me her master and asked me to keep filling her cunt with cum. then she turned to me and asked what next??? I layed her down and started to lick out her pussy which was creaming like crazy she was moaning telling me how she loved having my tongue inside her and i started to focus on her clit as i placed to fingers at her fuck hole and started to slide in and out of her freshly used pussy she squirmed back and forth on the bed telling me how much she loved it and how she was about to cum I asked her if she wanted to be my slut and she yelled yes not to stop I watched as her orgasm over took her and she had a look of pure pleasure on her face.

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