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#71364 - At my destination airport I quickly reclaimed my suitcase and found the holiday rep that directed me to my awaiting coach to take me to my accommodation – the accommodation was perfect. Finding a holding point on the rock I settle down on the sandy bottom, reach for the cucumber, spread my thighs wide, bring the cucumber to the entrance of my well lubricated pussy and slowly begin to insert it inch by inch, stretching the walls of my pussy to their maximum, with the nine inch green lover almost fully inside me I start to push it in and out feeling unbelievable pleasure like I’ve never experienced before, thrusting it in deeper and faster, deeper and harder my hips lifting off the sandy bottom to meet the thrusting, I look down to see the action, my hand is moving so fast and flashes of green mingle with my skin tones as I get glimpses of the huge cucumber being pounded into submission from my deep pussy insertions, my heart beat is thumping inside my head, I’ve still a way to go for r

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