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#34933 - I moaned as Zayn fingered my ass i unbuckled his pants and rolled them down exposing his average sized erect cock i moved over and took his cock into my mouth sucking him up and down causing him to draw all focus to me sucking his dick he pushed my head deeper down his cock i could feel his cock push into my throat causing me to throw up in my mouth i had no choice but to swallow it back down i used whatever was left to use it as lube to get ready to put inside me i tried to get up but Zayn still had my head held down i could hear him grunt and let out a giant load of cum in my mouth it caught me of guard i tried my best to swallow as much as i could but the rest just backfired out of my mouth all over his dick after wiping his cum from my lips i rised to see Zayn fast asleep i thought to myself really he prematurely cums in my mouth then falls asleep fuck this i said to myself i went into Zayn's bedroom and looked in his connected bathroom he shares it with his

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Anyone know how i can contact her