#382773 - Before you can move Sarah has sat forward and enveloped Mike’s cock in her mouth sucking greedily at it, you see from his face that she rarely does it and for a second he freezes before starting to thrust into her willing mouth. Stepping back he pulls you to the floor as Sarah follows still trying to lick you hot throbbing pussy, on your back now Sarah moves between your wide open legs burying her face and tongue into your pussy again, watching as you shake you see Mike get behind her and almost rip Sarah’s skirt off, pulling her panties to one side you feel him enter her soaking pussy hard as his thrusts force her face into your pussy you hear her muffled cries as he fucks her faster and faster. ‘Another drink would be nice please Mike’ you repeat, you see his disappointment as you move your hand from Sarah’s leg and hold out your glass for him.

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