#118050 - I slipped in with ease, “OH God, I’m in a pussy, it feels so wonderful, seconds after I felt her muscles tighten around me, despite the state she was in her sexual urges were still working and she knew she had a cock in her, a soft groan escaped her lips, I pulled back then pushed forwards, her muscles tightened again, “What’s happen, What’s mom doing”? “Her pussy it gripping my cock” I moved back and forth a few more times, intending to stop then, this was skuppered as Heather closed her legs around my hips and locked them together at her ankle’s. She sat on Tony for a second or two then got off, she walked out and Tony lay there trying to believe what had just happened. Tony and I have been friends since starting school together aged 5, we had hard times but came out the other side stronger and wiser, mom and dad owned a general store and worked long hours, Tony’s mom was a factory girl, she got caught with Tony when she was 16, her boyfriend at the time was her first and

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