#304558 - Daddy you are getting an erection, oops so i am sorry baby i cover up as best i can in the towel, we make small talk for a while till the dryer dings letting me know my clothes are dry, i will get your clothes for you daddy then you can get dressed again then she walks out of the room as soon as she disappear Melissa moves closer to me and says Brian you have a hot body and a very nice erection that i would like to see and suck and fuck, Melissa thankyou i am a builder by trade and i don’t think we should do that with Jessica here i wouldn’t want her to find out about us, don’t worry Jessica she can suck a mean cock our other roommate Tanya taught her how to be the best cock sucker she can be last semester and i know i will get to taste you tonight and i hope you will taste me too. The conversation is mostly about her next semester and her mum leaving us when she was meant to join us for the trip.

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