#184868 - She was a doctor in California, it made me wonder why she moved all the way to the other side of the US, she said she needed some rest away from the city, and she has family here. Dated November 6th 20** wHY? Wyh du u Hve to dOo thsi? to mE? I aM ur SON? WhY do U noT belIEVE me? I haD tooo stOP itt, sHe kept hurTINg ME and YOU DIDN’T CARE! fUck YOU! It’s OVER NOW isn’t it DADDY? I’M coVereD in her BLOOD now, in a WHORE’S BLOOD! I feel dirty, help me… Mother please forgive me, I just had to get out all my pain and suffering. I wonder if she does that too when she gets excited, I’ve never seen her or mom do it though.

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The way the brunette started sucking made me throb like if it made you do the same
Mayu sakuma
Who is she