#5949 - CHAPTER 1 lisa had always been very adventerous at heart, but only at heart, when pleasuring herself alone, she would imagine as many dirty senarios as she could and always thought she would get to do them all, unfortunatly time had passed by and now she found herself a divorced, forty year old mother she bore very close resmblence to porn star lisa ann, a mother to a nineteen year old daughter kim, if you ever saw the porn star bree olsen then you would have an idea of what kim looked like and she was far more open then her mother, she would often sunbath topless in the back garden, walking in and out in just her bikini bottoms she would even sometimes give her mum a hug as she walked past her, lisa always felt a tingle of lust sweep through her when kim did this, lisa knew it was wrong but the feel of kims naked breasts against her her neck and sholders when she gave her these little hugs was the only bodily contact she got and the feeling only lasted a micro second. they walked

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Whats her name pls
Sword maiden
Lol she used to go to my school her sister still goes there
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Wow w her titty
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Try contacting the publishers of the books