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#309534 - “Um well I…” Susan started “Well come on Susan spit it out” Tasha said “Well one time when I had some friends over we were talking about boys and stuff and well this one girl said that one time a boy licked her down there and it felt soo good and then he wanted her to suck on his thing. Karen was 5’6” (167 cm) and was a bit on the thin side her breasts though large were not as large as her cousins she did have the same ass. “You know Nicole since Aunt Sandy isn’t here why can’t we?” Tasha asked “Well for one its just well I don’t know I can’t think of a reason not to you just shouldn’t” Nicole answered “Shouldn’t what?” Karen asked “Oh Tasha has this weird idea that since Aunt Sandy isn’t around we can walk around here naked as the day we were born” “I don’t see why not,” Karen said “Just be careful you don’t get sunburned” “Oh goodie” Tasha said and stripped off her shirt and shorts and then shucked off her bra and panties much to the amazement of Susan and

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